Long Time No “Sea”

I have not written in WordPress in forever. Wow. I am my own worse critic. Please, do not be like me. It’s a lonely world. Instead, I want to be my best critic! And so I pass the “Sea” over to you…my great nieces and nephews. One of whom I will forever miss.

Micheal Stuart Powell lost his precious life on May 26, ’22. He had just said goodnight to his Chick-fil-A friends. They’d been calling him the “New Manger.”

“If anyone deserves to be the ‘new manger’ it’s you, Micheal.” A buddy of his declared, punching Micheal in the shoulder.

“Ouch. Man that hurt,” Micheal exclaimed, rubbing his shoulder.

Micheal gave a pitiful look toward his lady buddies…unfortunately, they weren’t

paying him attention.

“You need to at least consider it,” another buddy said.

Micheal had gotten into his car and backed out. I am not sure when or where he was, but he hit a tree, on that rainy night and passed away immediately.